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Information on Pineapple Wine from Maui and Florida
Where Can I Buy Pineapple Wine?
by R. Borhi

When I found out I was going to Maui, Hawaii last Christmas and New Year's vacation, I didn't really start looking into what Maui had to offer until just before the trip.  I had been to Kona once before, and the big item there is the Kona coffee.  Scanning through the information about Maui, some of the highlights were the drive to Hana, the big white sand beaches, Maui coffee, and ofcourse the pineapple wine.

One of the things I wondered about the pineapple wine was how it would taste.  Pineapple fruit is very sweet, so I thought the wine might taste sort of like a dessert wine.  I've tasted fruit wines before, ones that were made in the Okanagan valley of BC.  Those wines were derived from apricots, apples, peaches and other fruits grown locally.

The other thing I wondered was how hard would it be to get?  It didn't seem like there were many places that made pineapple wine, so does most of it get exported?  Can you only buy it in a select few stores?  Would it be expensive?

To answer the taste question, it turns out that pineapple wine tastes very similar to a good white wine.  There is a hint of pineapple flavor, but you might not know if someone just handed you a glass of it to taste.  It is not sweet like a dessert wine, it's more like a semi-dry white wine that goes great with a Hawaiin dinner.  There was another wine available in Maui, a combination of pineapple and passion fruit wine.  I didn't try it but it's supposed to be sweeter like a dessert wine.  Both are made at Maui's Winery at Ulupalakua Ranch.

In answer to my second question, how hard is it to find, well the answer is that you can find it in all the supermarkets, ABC stores, and just about everywhere!  And it's very affordable, for as low as 10$ per bottle in some locations.

After returning from my trip and looking further into pineapple wine, I've found that it's also made in Florida, a brand called Florida Sunset Pineapple Wine.  It's an award winning wine and goes for close to $20 per bottle, but shipping charges might be lower than from Hawaii.

If you're the adventurous wine making type, you can search online for pineapple wine recipes and make some yourself at home.  If you prefer just opening the bottle, Maui's Winery wines and Florida Sunset can all be bought online at various stores, including the wineries themselves.

As a final note of interest, I also discovered there is a dance band called Pineapple Wine in Cleveland Ohio that will perform at all sorts of events.  Who would have thought?
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